Every year, we like to present some of our members with prizes for things they have achieved over the course of the year. From the outstanding to the outright ridiculous, here are some of the many awards we give out every year at the Christmas meal or AGM:

The Graham Connell Memorial Award: Graham Connell was an experienced,  respected hiker and one of LUUHC’s longest serving members, receiving honorary lifetime membership for his exemplary leadership commitment to the club. On a club trip to the Cairngorms in 2013, Graham lost his life attempting to lead a group to safety in horrendous conditions. This award was established (made from Graham’s last whiskey bottle) to remember Graham and to recognise the importance of teaching essential outdoor skills. The award is presented to a member who has given long-standing support and dedication to the club, teaching skills and encouraging participation.

 Previous winners of this award:

2013-14: Matt Fuller

2014-15: Eliot Bianco

2015-16: Steve Hutton

2016-17: Michael Bonnalie

2017-2018: Emma Cooper

2018-2019: Adam Collins


Hardcore Hiker: Official recognition for being the most determined, gritty hiker in the club. Awarded to the hiker who only chooses 20km routes with grade 3 scrambles and doesn’t get put-off by walking in 50mph winds and torrential rain, this award isn’t for the faint-hearted.   


Keen Bean: Awarded to the hiker who has been most committed to trips throughout the year – from Sunday trips, to weekend trips, being eager to take part, help out and have fun are the key qualities to winning this award.


Socialite: Notorious for being the most sociable, chattiest and often drunkest member of the club. Although the winner of this award may not necessarily go on all the hikes, they wouldn’t miss a Wednesday social or Otley run for the world.


Spiritual Hiker: No weekend trip is complete without one of AJ’s spiritual hikes. This award is presented by the big man himself to the member who likes to be at one with the mountains; a leisurely stroller who contemplates the meaning of life as skim stones on a shimmering lake as the sun sets over the hills...


Fear Conqueror: Hiking and scrambling isn’t always easy when you’re afraid of heights. This award is presented to someone who’s made themselves proud and conquered something they were afraid of. Good on ya’!


Quote of the Year: Awarded to the member who has said the most inspirational, stupid, outlandish or hilarious thing on a hike at some point over the course of the year.


Funniest Moment: For the funniest gaff, the most amusing moment or the most hilarious situation, this award is presented to the funniest guy or gal in the club.


Couple of the year: Dozens of members have found the one they’ve been looking for in the hiking club in previous years. This award is for members who’ve found love in the club – be it romantic, bromantic or pedantic.


Photo Competition: Various awards are given out to the budding photographers among us. Awards for best action shot, group shot, landscape and funniest moment.


The Chocolate Teapot Award: It always happens. Someone does something so incredibly stupid, we’ll never let them forget it. This award is for them.