Meet our fabulous committee for 2018/19



  • Name: Sophie Walker
  • Email:
  • Study: Chemistry (Integrated Masters) with Year in Industry
  • Hometown: Appleby 
  • Favourite Hike: Probably Fiacaill Ridge, Bernia Ridge (Spain) or Catbells (the sentimental hike)
  • Essential hiking kit: gloves, gloves and more gloves! And a good, homemade trail mix!
  • Biggest Hiking Fail: belly-flopping face first into a very soggy bog, 2km into the start of a long walk on a cold and windy day in Snowdonia... 




  • Name: Liz Atkinson
  • Email:
  • Study: 2nd Year Mathematics BSC. 
  • Hometown: Kendal
  • Favourite Hike: Cairn Toul-Braeriach traverse. 
  • Essential hiking kit: Kendal Mint Cakes
  • Biggest hiking fail: Walking down a cliff face, instead of down the ridge.

Treasurer (Mr. BUSY)

  • Name: Callum Starling
  • Email:
  • Study: 2nd Year MSc Maths
  • Hometown: Middlesbrough
  • Favourite Hike: Skiddaw
  • Essential hiking kit: Rainbow belts
  • Biggest hiking fail: 'I haven't had any'




Trip Sec 

  • Name: Marcus Rowe
  • Study: Arabic and Chinese
  • Email:
  • Hometown: Dunny-on-the-Wold
  • Favourite Hike: South Glen Sheil Ridge
  • Essential Hiking Kit: bottle of good port
  • Biggest hiking fail: Not bringing millionaire’s shortbread on a hike.


LUUHC Committee Pic.jpg

Gear SEC 

  • Name: Matthew Hoff (The Hoff)
  • Study: 3rd Year History
  • Email:
  • Hometown: Wigan, an island of pies, Uncle Joe's Mint Balls and civilisation in the desolate wasteland of Greater Manchester
  • Favourite Hike: Nantlle Ridge in Snowdonia
  • Essential Hiking Kit: A pork and pickle pie, and a packet of sugar
  • Biggest hiking fail: Walking 15km and up and down several mountains without really eating much, and the associated near-death experience.



Web SEC 

  • Name: Emma Dean
  • Study: 3rd Year Graphic Design
  • Email:
  • Hometown: Halifax, West Yorkshire
  • Favourite Hike: Helvellyn
  • Essential Hiking Kit: Camera and chocolate
  • Biggest Hiking Fail: Sitting in the survival shelter whilst everybody else helped move the stuck mini bus from an icy road



Social SEC 

  • Name: Sarah Organ
  • Study: Graduate
  • Email:
  • Hometown: London
  • Favourite Trip: Mystery Weekend
  • Essential Hiking Kit: lipsalv on a Carabiner on my bag



1070275 (1).jpg

General Committee Member 

  • Name: Joe Lawley ("Grandpa Joe")
  • Study:  1st Year Climate Change Mitigation PhD
  • Hometown: Cockermouth
  • Favourite Hike: Fleetwith Pike (via Fleetwith Edge) onto Haystacks
  • Essential Hiking Kit: Zip-off trousers
  • Biggest hiking fail: Tripped over my own feet and fell into a patch of nettles




  • Name: Jonathon Coney
  • Study: 3rd Year Mathematics
  • Hometown: Darkside of the Pennines
  • Favourite Hike: Blencathra
  • Essential Hiking Kit: Sausage Rolls
  • Biggest Hiking Fail: Climbing a mountain and realising I'd left my coat in the gear van which was 10 miles away



                                                              GENERAL COMMITTEE                                                                        MEMBER