Meet our fabulous committee for 2018/19



  • Name: Sophie Walker

  • Email:

  • Study: Chemistry (Integrated Masters) with Year in Industry

  • Hometown: Appleby

  • Favourite Hike: Probably Fiacaill Ridge, Bernia Ridge (Spain) or Catbells (the sentimental hike)

  • Essential hiking kit: gloves, gloves and more gloves! And a good, homemade trail mix!

  • Biggest Hiking Fail: belly-flopping face first into a very soggy bog, 2km into the start of a long walk on a cold and windy day in Snowdonia...




  • Name: Liz Atkinson

  • Email:

  • Study: 2nd Year Mathematics BSC.

  • Hometown: Kendal

  • Favourite Hike: Cairn Toul-Braeriach traverse.

  • Essential hiking kit: Kendal Mint Cakes

  • Biggest hiking fail: Walking down a cliff face, instead of down the ridge.



  • Name: Jacob Steed

  • Email:

  • Study: 3rd year Finance and accounting

  • Hometown: Walsall, makes Greater Manchester seem like Wigan

  • Favourite Hike: Any, where I become one with the natural world around me and let go of my worldly fears, burdens and goals, basking in the quiet tranquillity of inner peace, feeling the ebbs and flows of the wind in the grass, as light and as free as the clouds that traverse the sky like a climber possessing aerobic fitness a mere mortal such as myself can only dream of, and as feelings of possession, loss and hatred and anger fall away, it is as if I too could float away and join them in the great blue above.

  • Essential hiking kit: Boundaries

  • Biggest hiking fail: Following our secretary down said cliff




Trip Sec 

  • Name: Marcus Rowe

  • Study: Arabic and Chinese

  • Email:

  • Hometown: Dunny-on-the-Wold

  • Favourite Hike: South Glen Sheil Ridge

  • Essential Hiking Kit: bottle of good port

  • Biggest hiking fail: Not bringing millionaire’s shortbread on a hike.


LUUHC Committee Pic.jpg

Gear SEC 

  • Name: Matthew Hough

  • Study: 3rd Year History

  • Email:

  • Hometown: Wigan- an island of pies, Uncle Joe's Mint Balls and civilisation in the desolate wasteland of Greater Manchester

  • Favourite Hike: Nantlle Ridge in Snowdonia

  • Essential Hiking Kit: A pork and pickle pie, and a packet of sugar

  • Biggest hiking fail: Walking 15km and up and down several mountains without really eating much, and the associated near-death experience.



Web SEC 

  • Name: Emma Dean

  • Study: 3rd Year Graphic Design

  • Email:

  • Hometown: Halifax, West Yorkshire

  • Favourite Hike: Helvellyn

  • Essential Hiking Kit: Camera and chocolate

  • Biggest Hiking Fail: Sitting in the survival shelter whilst everybody else helped move the stuck mini bus from an icy road



Social SEC 

  • Name: Sarah Organ

  • Study: Graduate

  • Email:

  • Hometown: London

  • Favourite Trip: Mystery Weekend

  • Essential Hiking Kit: lipsalv on a Carabiner on my bag



1070275 (1).jpg

General Committee Member 

  • Name: Joe Lawley ("Grandpa Joe")

  • Study: 1st Year Climate Change Mitigation PhD

  • Hometown: Cockermouth

  • Favourite Hike: Fleetwith Pike (via Fleetwith Edge) onto Haystacks

  • Essential Hiking Kit: Zip-off trousers

  • Biggest hiking fail: Tripped over my own feet and fell into a patch of nettles




  • Name: Jonathan Coney

  • Study: 3rd Year Mathematics

  • Hometown: Darkside of the Pennines

  • Favourite Hike: Tryfan (big playground)

  • Essential Hiking Kit: Sausage Rolls

  • Biggest Hiking Fail: Climbing a mountain and realising I'd left my coat in the gear van which was 10 miles away


general committee member

  • Name: Sam Fryer

  • Study: Final year Medicine

  • Hometown: Lichfield

  • Favourite Hike: Thorsmork to Skogafell on the Skogar trail in Iceland

  • Essential Hiking Kit: Anything Rab

  • Biggest Hiking Fail: An extremely exposed danger wee on the side of Bristly Ridge where I overbalanced and nearly fell off the hill