Meet our fabulous committee for 2016/17

President (No Longer Tea Maker)

  • Name: Emma Cooper
  • Email:
  • Study: 2nd Year MSc Nursing
  • Hometown: Stoke
  • Favourite Hike: CMD Arete to Ben Nevis
  • Essential hiking kit: Yousif (Toy meerkat with a suitably angry expression)
  • Biggest Hiking Fail: Buying a ridiculously large block of cheese for the Cairngorms (subsequently used in a Conga round Nethy)


Secretary (The OrganisED cUMBRIAN LASS)

  • Name: Sophie Walker
  • Email:
  • Study: 2nd Year Chemistry
  • Hometown: Long Marton, Cumbria
  • Favourite Hike: Buttermere Horseshoe
  • Essential hiking kit: Chocolate raisins / gloves
  • Biggest hiking fail: Forgetting my gloves

Treasurer (Mr. BUSY)

  • Name: James Nicholson
  • Email:
  • Study: 2nd Year Medicine 
  • Hometown: Exeter
  • Favourite Hike: Ben More via A' Chioch and Beinn Fhada
  • Essential hiking kit: Jetboil Sol (for when you fancy a brew halfway up a dicey scramble!)
  • Biggest hiking fail: Walking the wrong way out of the car park on my Bronze DofE

Gear Sec (Pat-ar-ick)

  • Name: Patrick Sugden
  • Study: 2nd Year PhD in Volcanology 
  • Email:
  • Hometown: Hebden Bridge
  • Favourite Hike: The Coast to Coast (St. Bees Head to Robin Hoods Bay)
  • Essential Hiking Kit: Anything with more than 90% sugar in it
  • Biggest hiking fail: Dropping my ice axe when I fell over on a Cairngorm slope . . . you cant arrest if the axe is at the top of the hill!


Trip SEC (Maybee, Maybee Not)

  • Name: Ben Maybee
  • Study: 4th Year Theoretical Physics
  • Email:
  • Hometown: Stourbridge
  • Favourite Hike: Traverse of Liathach
  • Essential Hiking Kit: Choc chip brioche / some form of ginger
  • Biggest hiking fail: Forgetting my gloves


Web SEC (President in waiting)

  • Name: Ed Mason
  • Study: 2nd Year BSc Geography (The science of colouring in) 
  • Email:
  • Hometown: Guildford (A posh town down South)
  • Favourite Hike: North Face of Tryfan onto Bristley Ridge 
  • Essential Hiking Kit: Camera and several lenses 
  • Biggest Hiking Fail: Getting a taxi from Henry Price to Fruity

Social SEC (Pub trip organiser)

  • Name: Tom Fullen
  • Study: 2nd Year Chemical Engineering
  • Email:
  • Hometown: Newcastle
  • Favourite Hike: Simonside (for the nostalgia)
  • Essential Hiking Kit: Fruit and nut mix / pub money
  • Biggest hiking fail: Forgetting the essential hiking gear

General Committee Member (Director of beverages)

  • Name: Roy Middup
  • Study: 3rd Year Dentistry (Can't you tell!)
  • Hometown: Derby
  • Favourite Hike: Anoach Eagach (with team keen)
  • Essential Hiking Kit: Pork pie
  • Biggest hiking fail: Forgot my lunch on a hike and had to scrounge people's scraps



  • Name: Katie Smith
  • Study: Theology and Religious Studies (Graduated)
  • Hometown: Carlisle
  • Favourite Hike: Newlands Horseshoe
  • Essential Hiking Kit: Falafel
  • Biggest Hiking Fail: Getting crazily sunburnt in February on the day the Cairngorms thought it was the alps!