Merci's & thank you's! A message from Jessie.

As all the Pyrenees folk are heading back home over the course of today, just want to say a couple of thank you's to everyone who came along.Needless to say, the hiking alone has been quite the adventure. From some epic scrambling, awesome stone-skimming lake walks, leisurely walks on plateaus and a few infamous 'BMD's (BigMountainDays).

It has also been a great opportunity to see more of France, from the truly spiritual place of Lourdes, to the art galleries and kebab + basilica-heavy streets of Toulouse. Extraordinary amounts of pastry, kilos of of smelly sheep and cow cheese have been consumed along with enough baguette eaten to prop a large tent up with.

Firstly, a big,big thanks to Joe Daly for sorting out transport, kit and getting us to and fro, rope skills tutorials - and for carrying the club bag 
To Emma Bryning for dealing with the Union, sorting out insurance details and the paperwork, as well as thanks to Eliot Bianco for his help and leading some big routes. Additional thanks to Aj Zein for handling finance issues, Gavin Fenton, Emma Cooper and Mike Daniels for helping with the overall organisation of a great international expedition, which wouldn't have been possible without them. Also a special mention to Clemence Mestrallet for her translation skills!

Finally, an EPIC thank you goes to the leader of our expedition, Michael Bonallie, who has been so passionate in getting us to the Pyrenees. It has been a truly inspirational trip.

Merci buckets. xx