Hiking Weekly News - 12th October 2015

Hello Hikers!

From what I have heard, Give It a Go was a fantastic Hike! Hopefully we have enticed a few new faces to some of our hikes and socials coming up over the next few week.

For those who are new to the club, this email is designed to give you a brief overview of what is coming up over the next week as well as giving important notices, so please take some time to read through it each week.


These are selling like… well… quality bargain buffs! They’re still on sale if you would like one. They cost £8 and can be ordered by contacting Esther our GearSec (gear@luuhc.com), stipulating your choice. Please see the designs on the Facebook group. Orders will close by 19th October. We will contact you about payment at a later stage.

***Training for Winter***

This is a fitness group run by our Trip Sec Roy. Primarily this group was set up to increase fitness levels of those who want to go on the winter trips. However some of us go just to give ourselves a good workout and improve our fitness in general! The group meets every Tuesday 6pm outside the Edward Boyle Library and lasts for approximately 1 hour. You don’t have to be an Olympic Athlete to join, it’s a good laugh and best or all it’s FREE! For more details search for the group ‘Training for Winter’ on Facebook.

***Coming up this week***

***Gear discount evening/ Otley pub crawl*** – Wednesday 14th October leaving the bus stop outside Halo Club (Woodhouse Lane) at 5:54pm.

Chevin Trek Otley outdoor shop, based in the Village of Otley just outside of Leeds, are hosting an exclusive discount evening to members of LUUHC. This is a perfect time to look for bargains either for upcoming hikes or maybe something mum and dad can send off to Santa for you. Chevin Trek is an independent retailer who sell all the major hiking brands and I think it is important we keep these retailers in business. They have agreed to keep the store open until 8pm.

We will be going as a group on bus X84, so we will meet at the bus stop outside Halo at 5:45pm and get the 5:54pm bus to Otley.

Please can also make their own way there if they wish.

After an hour or so of bargain hunting we will be hitting the great selection of Pubs that Otley offers and then get the 22:42pmor the 23:42 bus back to Leeds.

There will be nobody at the Library Pub this week due to the gear event!

***First Weekend Trip- Braithwaite, The Lake District *** Friday 16th- Sunday 18th October

--Meet at Cromer Terrace, Friday 16th at 5:30pm sharp.—

This trip is now full, following the hoards that came to sign up last Wednesday.

For those that are coming, please make sure you take a look at our Weekend trip kit list on the website: www.luuhc.com

We will provide breakfasts and your Saturday evening meal. You need to bring two packed lunches for when you are out on the hill and also some money for Friday’s Dinner as we will be stopping Scotch Corner Services along the way. Also it is advised to bring drinks of your choice for the evenings J

We aim to get back to Leeds at approximately 8pm on Sunday. However this all depends on what time we all finish our routes and of course traffic. REMINDER: Please make sure you have bought club membership prior to departure.

***Dates for the Diary***

DIY Theme Otley Run! Wednesday 23rd October

Before you ask this doesn’t mean come as bob the builder, or the plumber your mum always uses. For this Otley run we want you to MAKE YOUR COSTUME YOURSELF using whatever you can find. Be as elaborate or banal as you see fit.

PLEASE NOTE- There is NO sign up this week as the Weekend trip is already full. Sign up will resume as normal next week.

If anyone has any questions they would like to ask in the meantime, don’t hesitate to drop me an email. Further details about trips, gear and socials are available on www.luuhc.com.

Have a fab week as always!

Jamie (Secretary)