HIKING WEEKLY NEWS 7th December 2015


Hey Hikers,
Greetings from India!
Stuart has very kindly sent this email out for me as I’m doing whatever Geographers do in Mumbai this week.

If you have ordered a club buff and haven’t paid yet, now is the time to log onto the union website, go onto the club page and select the shop tab. Buffs are in the shop section for the fantastic price of £8.50. Apparently the buffs should be with us this week, and as soon as they are available, Esther will arrange a place for you to come and collect them.

***Winter Briefing and International Trip talk*** Wednesday 9th December, 7pm. Maurice Keyworth Lecture
This is the second of our winter briefing talks. If you are interested in coming on the winter trips to the Cairngorms and Fort William in February, then this is a mandatory talk on the safety aspects of the trip, information about what to bring and more general info. Please note that to go on a winter trip, you need to have been on a weekend trip this semester so we know first-hand whether you would be capable of going out on the hill in winter conditions or not.
Roy will also give everyone an insight into the international trip this year including dates, the location and an idea of what we will be doing……soooo all very exciting!

***Wednesday Social*** – 9th December, 8:30pm onwards at The Library Pub
The last social of Semester 1, so let’s make it a good one. Get yourselves down for a drink and a chance to reminisce this year’s hiking adventures with friends.

I hope you all have an enjoyable last week of term. I’ll be sending my Christmas email out next week, a bit like the Queen’s Christmas speech only better!

Jamie (Secretary) x