Weekly eNews - 14th December

Hello lovely hikers! :-)

I hope that everyone has had a good week and that those of you that went hiking today had a good time.


***Ice climbing reminder***

For all the people who have signed up for ice-climbing, don't forget to wear your long johns if you have them cos it will be feel like being in a giant freezer! We also get 10% off tonight at Ellis Brigham. If anyone gets lost the store number is 0161 837 6140. There are two so make sure you go to the right one!


The plan is to get the train from Leeds at 4.44pm, getting into Manchester at 5.33pm (£12.40 with a railcard - make sure you buy the off-peak anytime day return ticket to go to Manchester All Stations so we can travel back from whichever station) - we need to be at the wall by 6pm to start. Jenny will be waiting at the central screens in the train station at 4.30pm to meet you.
Please make sure you bring your £10 donation!
If you are making your own way there please let us know - thanks!


***Kinder Scout sign up***

-          1.30pm , room 3 of the Union this Wednesday

This is the last hike of the semester! Kinder Scout is the highest mountain in the Peak District. ‘A rectangular upland plateau with waterfalls and tors along its rocky edges and great views on all sides. Surrounded by great pubs on all sides too.’ The cost is £10. Please meet at 9am Sunday 14th December at Parkinson steps.


***Winter briefing and international trip presentation***    

-          7pm, Wednesday 10th December, Business School Maurice Keyworth LT (G.02)

If you are interested in joining us on either of the Winter Trips to Scotland or the international trip to Austria it is mandatory that you to attend this briefing. We will be taking attendance :-) If you really can’t attend for whatever reason please email president@luuhc.com


***Wednesday social***

After the briefing we will head to the Library pub for the last Wednesday social this year! Everyone is welcome just bring your Christmas cheer! :-)


***Thursday social***

We will be having pre drinks at the Library pub from 9pm onwards,  then going to Top Gun in the union for the rest of night https://www.facebook.com/events/293227520887397/


Check out these links to get a sense of how beautiful the mountains in Scotland can look during the winter months. This is filmed in the Cairngorms where we go on the first of our winter trips in February. Interested? Make sure you're at the winter briefing!




Lastly all that’s left is to wish everyone a very merry Christmas :-) have a lovely holiday!

Can’t wait to see everyone in January for plenty more hikes :-)

Rose xxxx