Weekly eNews - 1st February

EVENING ALL! I hope you’re all well & you’ve had a great weekend.


Many thanks to everyone who joined us on our rather chilly Give it a Go to Malham today, despite some very icy and snowy conditions a good day was had by all who joined us in the beautiful sunshine :)


***Austria International Summer Trip Sign-up***


This week our Wednesday sign up at 1.30pm will be for those who want to come on our international trip which will be based in Austria this year. To be eligible to attend this trip you must have been on at least two weekend trips or the upcoming week-long Easter trip to the Lake District, plus you must also have attended the briefing that took place in December. If you have any questions about this or problems, please speak to a member of the committee. On Wednesday you will need to pay a non-refundable £30 deposit for your place and bring along a DIGITAL scanned copy of your passport and Ehic card. You will also need to provide any medical details and your next of kin. The final cost of this trip cannot yet be confirmed as certain things such as trains cannot be booked this far in advance. Once you have signed up you will be provided with more information about the trip :)


***Sign up protocol reminder***


We ask that when you come to queue to sign up please wait outside Room 3 until 1.30pm as opposed to sitting and waiting inside. This gives committee time to get everything set up and talk things through before we start all the proceedings. Thank you!


***Wednesday Social - Library Pub then Bierkeller!***


This week we are going to be heading to Bierkeller after our usual social at the Library Pub from 8.30 onwards - it’s always a great night & even better when there’s a big crowd of us, so come along! The Wednesday night socials are a great way to get to know everyone in the club and learn a bit more about how it works.


***Cairngorms Winter Weekend***


Those of you who are signed up for the winter weekend trip and have not yet had crampons fitted to your boots, please if possible bring your B2/3 boots along to sign up this Wednesday so we can get them fitted. If you really are unable to come along, don’t worry we will make sure we get them fitted at the weekend, it would just be helpful if we got them sorted before we get up there!


You will need to bring sleeping bags, the accommodation has showers, a drying room and a pool table, PLUS a bar (http://www.nethy.org/0/en-GB). Unfortunately it’s not going to be stocked but make sure you bring along your preferred tipple for the evenings as well as your lunches and snacks for Saturday & Sunday - we won’t be stopping at any major supermarkets on the way up apart from service stations. See the website for everything else you need to bring: http://www.luuhc.com/winter-trip-kit-list/


Please meet at Cromer Terrace by 5.15 ready to leave! It’s a long journey up to Bonny Scotland and we want to get away ASAP!


***Winter weekend eligibility***


Please remember that to be eligible for to come on the next Winter Weekend trip to Glencoe you MUST have been on at least ONE WEEKEND TRIP and attended the WINTER BRIEFING that was in December. You must also have at least B2 rated boots that will fit crampons. Please contact the committee if you have any queries about this.


***Otley Run!***


Next Wednesday (11th Feb), will be our second Otley Run of the year - this is always a really great event and another opportunity to get to know everyone more and have a JOLLY MERRY TIME! The theme is children’s characters, such as Disney and Pixar :) Get your thinking caps on and we hope to see some great costumes!


That’s everything for this week - I hope to see you all on Wednesday for Bierkeller or just for a cheeky pint at the Library :)


Jenny (on behalf of a concussed Rose who has managed to sustain yet another injury, this time non hiking-related though :P get well soon Rose!)