Weekly eNews - 11th May

Hello wonderful Hikers!

First of all I would like to thank everyone who came and supported the Merrell pub quiz. Overall we raised £80 for Mountain Rescue! Congratulations to the winners you clever bunch! Also a massive thank you to Jenny for organising such a successful event.

**Upcoming events**

--The LUUHC Summer BBQ-- Friday 5th June from 2pm- Late, 22 Trelawn Crescent Headingley LS6 3JW

Once again James Saul has kindly offered to host the annual summer BBQ in his garden (now complete with vegetable patch!). Please come along from 2pm onwards with your own booze and we will whip the sausages and baps out later on (steady on!). James' garden also boasts the finest fire pit in West Yorkshire so please bring marshmallows for a toastin'.

**Sign up** for this will be via the Union website from now. The cost will be £5 to cover food costs. Follow the steps below to sign up:

Union website>Clubs and societies> Hiking> Events> Summer BBQ


--Torridon Summer Trip-- Saturday June 13th - Friday June 19th

This summer LUUHC will be going 'up proper north' to explore the natural wonders of Torridon, Scotland. If you want to climb some of the best mountains in Scotland (Ben Alligin, Liathach, Bein Eighe and maybe even An Tellach) and witness some of the finest landscapes in the UK, then this is the trip for you. Please note that unlike our usual trips, we will be camping.

You will need all the equipment you would normally bring on a weekend trip (see website if unsure) plus a tent, cooking equipment/ eating equipment and all your food for the week, as meals will not be provided for this trip. If you are unsure about what kit you need to bring, please  contact our lovely gear sec Esther(gear@luuhc.com) or ask a member of committee at sign up for further details. However we will put a full kit list in an email soon.

Total cost of the trip is £85 which just covers fuel and transport hire as food is not provided and the campsite is free (BOOM!).

**Sign Up** for this trip will take place on Wednesday 13th May, 1:30- 2:30- Room 3 upstairs in the Union. You can pay using cash or card. For those who cannot make sign up, a limited number of email spaces (2) are available between now and Wednesday on a first come, first serve basis.


!!Safety traveling in and around Leeds!!

You will have heard about the awful sexual attack upon an 18 year old girl back in early March which involved the victim being beaten with a rock whilst waiting at a bus station on a main road (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02ptsg2).

Recently there have been numerous sightings of the suspect in the Burley & Hyde Park area - on Saturday night a 23 year old woman was grabbed by a man on St Michaels Lane near Skyrack who attempted to assault her, but fortunately she managed to fight him off.

Last night two girls were approached by a man fitting the description of the suspect near the Business School on their way back from the library. The girls spotted him about 100m away - he bent down and picked up a rock and began to walk quickly towards them at which point they turned around and sprinted away. They have said that he has an extremely DISTINCTIVE LIMP and was walking with his hood up.

I do not mean to scare people with this message - the more people that know and are aware, the better. Please, please, please take extreme caution when out and about, whether during the day or at night. He has been known to follow girls during the day and very early in the morning even when it's light.

Girls, please do not walk in the dark alone - even along the well-lit stretch by the Business School. Ride your bike, get the bus, walk with a couple of friends, get a taxi. If you are alone, perhaps buddy up with another student who is walking the same way with you. There are also apps available that will inform your housemates of your safety (https://www.kitestring.io). There is also of course the Nightbus service offered by the Union where you can get dropped off at your front door for just £1.


Have a fantastic week!


Jamie (Club Secretary)