Weekly eNews - 2nd March

Hello lovely hikers!

Everyone that did the epic pub crawl which is the Real Ale Trail… I hope you’ve recovered! I’m prepared to bet that those of you that went to Whitby today are still full of fish and chips :-) I hope you had a good day.


***Date change***

The Merrell pub quiz is now 7pm on 18th March! Location TBC.


***Wednesday social***

-          8.30pm, Wednesday 4th March, The Library Pub

You know the drill! Anyone and everyone is welcome! Bring friends, housemates, relatives! Lovely way to get to know you if you’re thinking about joining :-)


***Mystery Weekend info***

-          5.30pm, Friday 6th March, Cromer Terrace

For everyone booked onto this weekend listen up!

-          You need a sleeping bag – if you don’t have one please email Philippa at gear@luuhc.com don’t send her a facebook message as she may not get it

-          There will be toilets, showers and a drying room at the accommodation

-          Please also email Philippa (see above) if you have any dietary requirements – including vegetarianism!

-          Bring enough food for lunch both days and money for food on the way there and back

-          See the website for a reminder of the kit list www.luuhc.com/weekend-trip-kit-list/


***Upcoming events***

-          Outdoor Inspiration Evening and Hifi - March 11th

-          Orienteering collaboration – March 14th

-          Sunday hike to Derwent Peaks – March 15th

-          Merrell Pub Quiz – March 18th

-          AGM – March 20th

-          Easter Trip to the Lakes – April 13th-19th

See the website for a comprehensive list! http://www.luuhc.com/calendar/


Thanks everyone :-) have a lovely week!


Rose xx