Hiking Weekly News - 31st October 2016

Hello Hikers!

I hope all of the people that went on this week’s Sunday skills hike had a great time, and learnt some valuable skills on their way too. Another week and another email full of hiking fabulousness…

***NAV FOR NEWBIES*** Tuesday 1st November
6pm -7.30pm Business School Maurice Keyworth SR (1.15)

So, you've joined the hiking club, enjoyed a scenic Sunday hike and decided you want to do more, right?

To begin exploring the outdoors safely, you'll need to learn a few crucial skills and top of the list is getting to grips with the basics of map and compass. This session will start from the very beginning so if you're a bit nervous, not tried it before or if you just fancy going back over the basics, come along!

Topics to be covered: choosing a map!; understanding basic map symbols; contour lines and elevation; grid references; orientating the map with a compass; basic use of compass bearings; introduction to magnetic variation

Click ‘going’ on the Facebook group if you’re interested in coming along so we know how many to expect. https://www.facebook.com/events/1153528721402542/

***LIBRARY PUB SOCIAL*** Wednesday 2nd November 2016
8.30pm Library Pub

November already (on Wednesday)?! I have no idea where this year is going, but come to the Library Pub to meet your favourite hikers and chat about everything from what you did last week, what you’re doing at Christmas, and how fast this year is going by!

***CRIANLARICH-WEEKEND TRIP*** 3rd or 4th-6th November

Sign up for this trip has already been and gone! All of you that got a place on the trip should’ve received an email off me yesterday with more information and some very important points. Please read over the email and look at the gear section of the website whilst you’re packing to make sure you haven’t missed any important bits.
I forgot to put in the email that there’s also a rule of NO JEANS on hikes, because if they get wet, they stay wet and you can get cold very quickly!

If anyone thinks they should’ve received this email and hasn’t, then please let me know as soon as possible.

*** LASER ZONE*** Wednesday 9th November

For all of you lucky cookies that got a ticket for our quest to be confirmed as the best outdoor society, compared to the Mountaineers and Cavers, then don’t forget to turn up next week!

There are still a couple of tickets left, so head over to the hiking page on the union website and buy the HIKING LaserZone ticket. No playing for the other teams!

***CHRISTMAS MEAL*** Friday 25th November

The annual event that every Leeds hiker looks forward to…No, not winter - The Christmas Meal!

So put away your boots, take off your waterproofs and get dressed up for the highlight of the LUUHC calendar.
For just £25 you will get a 3 course meal, half a bottle of wine and our very own DJ. There will be a secret Santa and the much anticipated prize giving (categories TBA).

And if this isn’t enough to get you singing Slade and digging out the Christmas decorations, we will also be going to Backroom after the meal for yet more Christmas merriment.

Sign up is still on the Union website, so go and spend the best £25 that you’ll spend all Christmas long!

There will be no Sunday hike this week due to the weekend trip, so you’ll all have to wait until next week for another crazy sign up! We have increased the size of all of our forthcoming trips due to demand, so I hope you all stay so keen to come on our trips!

The sign up page can get a bit higgledy-piggledy, so please check your basket to make sure that you’ve added the correct items, before you give us all of your money!

Visit our website (www.luuhc.com) if you have any queries about the club, and if you have any questions about any of the information in this email or any other parts of our club, then please email me at secretary@luuhc.com


See you all soon!
Sophie (Secretary)