HIKING WEEKLY NEWS - 22nd February 2016


Good Afternoon Folks!
Well I’m still drying out from the horrific conditions in Crowden yesterday. I had the longest hot shower ever last night to warm up! Kudos to my group for battling the torturous elements to get back to the minibus. For anyone who remembers Whitby last year, (Amy Mellor) it was worse than that. CROWDEN IS THE NEW WHITBY!


*** International Trip Sign-up*** Tuesday 23rd Feb 8pm, Deposit £50
For those interested in coming on our international trip to the Dolomites following the presentation and last week’s email, now is the time to commit to the cause. Once we have deposits we can get a group going to help make the arrangements for what promises to be a fantastic trip.

Buy tickets (place your deposit) on the Leeds University Union website Hiking 'Shop' page at www.luu.org.uk/groups/hiking.

***ELLIS BRIGHAM ICE CLIMBING in MANCHESTER*** Wednesday 24th Feb 6-10pm in Manchester

Don’t forget if you have tickets for this, the session is this Wednesday! 
All the gear is provided, you just need to bring some warm clothes and a spare pair of socks for afterwards.
Please note that this does NOT include train costs. You will need to make travel arrangements separately. Have a look on our Facebook group and there may be a group organising a meeting point in Leeds so you can go over together. If not we will just see you in Manchester at the wall.

Unfortunately this session is now full so no more tickets can be sold.

***Wednesday Social*** – 24th February, 8:30pm onwards @The Library Pub
You know the drill, get on down to the pub to catch up on all the latest club gossip whilst treating yourself to a burger and a pint.

***Winter weekend trip- Cairngorms*** Friday 26th February to Monday 29th February
Everyone who has bought a ticket, I’m talkin’ to YOU!

Please make sure you get to Cromer Terrace for 5:15, ready to leave at 5:30 prompt. Also remember to take plenty of snacks for the long journey.

***Bedding*** The bunk house has pillows and duvets, but no linen to put over them. Therefore probably best to either just take a sleeping bag, or bring your own bed linen.


***Chew Valley (Peak District) Sunday Hike*** Sunday 6th March 2016
Not one to be missed as it is the last Sunday hike of the Broomby Administration. Sign up for this will be Tuesday 1st March at 8pm.

***Quiz Night*** Wednesday 9th March Location and time to be confirmed.
Get revising your Henry VIII’s wives and capital cities for a great night of all things knowledgeable!

***Mystery Weekend Sign –up*** Tuesday 1st March at 8pm
Without going into too much detail…on the weekend of 11th-13th March we will basically whisk you off in a van and take you away for some amazing hikes in a mystery location. Don’t worry, it’s not Bradford or Rochdale!!

***THE AGM*** Friday March 18th
I am going to send out a comprehensive email soon about the details of how the AGM works once I have complied some information together. I will also tell you more information about the event and how to sign up then too!

To access the calendar and check out all of our events for semester two please click on this link: http://www.luuhc.com/calendar/

To find out about what kit you need for all trips (including winter), please click on this link: http://www.luuhc.com/kit-equipment/

Have a good week!