HIKING WEEKLY NEWS - 8th February 2016


Hello one and all!
Thanks to all you lovely people who came along to the Brimham Rocks trip yesterday. Despite the bitterly cold wind, it was amazing to see some funky rock formations (Geography’s cool kidz!).

The Union is currently in discussions whether to let non-student members of societies vote at AGMs. Once we have the full verdict we will let everybody know. Watch this space!

We have arranged two ice climbing sessions at the Ellis Brigham ice climbing centre in Manchester on Wednesday 17th February and Wednesday 24th February at 6pm until 10pm. There are 12 spaces for each session and tickets will be available for £10 on Monday 8th Feb at 8pm by following the link below to the Hiking shop. 
All the gear is provided, you just need to bring some warm clothes and a spare pair of socks for afterwards.

Please note that this does NOT include train costs. You will need to make travel arrangements separately. A return ticket with a student railcard is approximately £13. We’ll try to organise a group meeting time and place in Leeds so you can all go down together one we know who is going, I’ll let you all know next week.

***Wednesday Social*** – 10th February, 8:30pm onwards @The Library Pub
By this time in the week you should all be full of pancakes after Shrove Tuesday and will undoubtedly need to quench your inevitable thirst with a pint or two. (Just don’t give drink up for Lent!) Please please also bring a couple of quid to buy some lovely home baked brownies make by Jordan, to raise money for the charity he is running the London marathon for! Trust me they are delish!

***Winter weekend trip- Glencoe*** Thursday 11th February to Sunday 14th February
Everyone who has bought a ticket, I’m talkin’ to YOU!

Good people leaving on Thursday, we will be setting off at 5:30pm sharp so make sure you arrive at Cromer Terrace in good time.
People leaving on Friday need to bring all of their gear on THURSDAY from 5pm as our one and only gear van will be leaving that evening. Note this is not optional, your stuff will not fit in the minibuses on Friday. I’ll be there on Friday with a blowtorch to destroy any baggage which should have been put in the van on Thursday. 
Then all you need to do is bring yourself and a few goodies for the journey on Friday, also leaving at 5:30 prompt.

***BIERKELLER SOCIAL*** Wednesday 17th February from 10pm
Dave and Jordan are organising a night of large German drinks and a boogie on the tables! For those who have never been it’s a really awesome, relaxed night out, we’ll probably head over there straight after a quick pint at the Wednesday social.

***Crowden Sunday Hike Sign Up*** Monday 15th February at 8pm Cost £10
For the final two hikes of the Broomby Administration we’re off to the north of the Dark Peak in the search of some scrambles. It is told in the legend “Scrambles of the Dark Peak” that those who dare venture off the path on the treacherous Bleaklow are rewarded with some fine scrambles! Come and join us on our quest for some dry rock! Note there will be hikes for all abilities!
Sign up will be from 8pm on the Hiking Shop page which can be accessed by the link below:

To access the calendar and check out all of our events for semester two please click on this link: http://www.luuhc.com/calendar/

To find out about what kit you need for all trips (including winter), please click on this link: http://www.luuhc.com/kit-equipment/

Wishing you all truly fulfilling week!