HIKING WEEKLY NEWS - 14th March 2016

Good Afternoon Hikers!

What a fantastic weekend we had on the mystery weekend! For those who don’t know, we went to Dumfries and Galloway! Also a big thank you to Laurence for a great quiz, I’ve never been to a quiz where I’ve ended up gagging on a Jacob’s cracker!! We raised £70 on the night for Jordan’s charity which is amazing!


***Wednesday Social*** – 16th March, 8:30pm onwards @The Library Pub

Our final weekly social of the Broomby administration! Come on down for a pint and a burger!

***THE AGM*** Friday March 18th 7pm start.

Tickets are still live, but not for long so hurry! Tickets are £10 just for AGM at 7Spices or £14 including a Fruity ticket. Tickets can be bought via this link: www.luu.org.uk/groups/hiking. Please note it is bring your own booze at 7Spices (BYOB). For all other details about the AGM, please take a look at our event page on Facebook!

If you would like to put yourself forward for a committee position, then there is a sheet at the activities desk upstairs in the union. You need two people to nominate you and second you before Friday.

***The Easter Trip to Snowdonia*** 11th April to the 17th April

The club will be taking a week-long vacation to North Wales to go one some epic hikes across Snowdonia National Park. We will be staying in the North London Bunkhouse for the week which is lovely and cosy. Then at the weekend we will be moving across to a scout hut in Bethesda. There is the option to stay for the whole week, or just come up for the weekend (15th-17th).

---Easter Trip sign up---

Monday 14th March at 8pm via the online hiking club shop: www.luu.org.uk/groups/hiking. If you would like to stay the full week it will cost £110 and if you would like to stay the weekend it will be £40.

To access the calendar and check out all of our events for semester two please click on this link: http://www.luuhc.com/calendar/

To find out about what kit you need for the Easter trip, please click on this link: http://www.luuhc.com/kit-equipment/

Have a super duper week!