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Hello everyone, by now you’ve all settled in and will be getting used to which rooms are where in Roger Stevens.. LOL, and you will have hopefully popped along to the odd Wednesday or got out on a walk. This is the event for our FIRST PROPER SOCIAL, which is a DIY Themed Otley run visiting the usual motley bunch of pubs. If you’ve never done one before THIS IS A LEEDS UNI MUST!! There is usually someone sick by the third pub, someone crying by the fourth pub, and someone dead by the fifth pub SO COME ALONG! We will be meeting at Woodies Ale House ( at 4PM and spending an hour there filling the first portion of our boots. 

The theme for this Otley run is DIY AND NO. Before you ask this doesn’t mean come as Bob the builder, or that plumber your mum always uses the cheeky girl :o

IT MEANS MAKE THE COSTUME YO’SELF! Be as inventive or banal as you like, you can spend a thousand quid in Homebase or spend nothing pulling all the hair out of your mums comb to go as Chewbacca. 10 quick and easy DIY examples include: Wrapping yourself in tinfoil and going as a baked potato, Wearing your nan's curtains as a poncho, paper crab hands selotaped to your wrists, shave your head bald and go as “mental Britney Spears”, cleverly craft a bin liner into BAT WINGS! Have an old sleeping bag?? HELLO CUTESY CATERPILLAR!! You get the idea

I look forward to seeing you all there :)

Meet at Woodies at 4.00-5pm